What about The Bob?

When my daughter was little, she could not say her M's and they would come out as a B instead.  Instead of mom, she would call me Bob.  If she needed me, she would ask everyone, "where's the Bob?"  That name being too cute, it stuck around for a very long time, and here my friends...is the rest of my story...

~*~ I have been married for 16-1/2 years, and of course, he is my very best friend.

~*~ I got married right out of high school (like 2 weeks after I graduated). We were married in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

~*~ I have 5 kids, 4 girls and 1 unfortunate super lucky boy.

~*~ I Love (with a capital L) doing little girls hair. I follow some super talented hair bloggers for fun ideas. I have 2-1/2 girls (the oldest is starting to say no now) that will let me play with their hair. But don't expect anything cool unless it is Sunday and we have late church!

~*~ I am the 1st counselor in the Young Womens.

~*~ I would love to be a nurse in the maternity ward or even in the ER.

~*~ I don't have cable or satellite at my house and I don't even miss it. I am, however, just discovering Netflix and loving it!

~*~ I hate eating the crust on a sandwich and secretly throw it away, but I insist my kids eat theirs (cause it's so good for them you know).

~*~I am a working stay-at-home mom. I am grateful for a job that allows me to stay home with my kids. I have done medical transcribing for 3+ years.

~*~I get all shaky-like if there is no chocolate in the house, even if I am not craving it. I don't, however, believe I have an addiction to it. Really.

~*~I prefer salty snacks to sweet.

~*~I gave away my first kiss in Kindergarten on the bus. The bus driver set me straight by announcing over the intercom that I was being inappropriate, especially since the boy did not appreciate it. Big meanie! Didn't he know I was sincere?

~*~ Sometimes I swear.

~*~I have a number of swear words that escape my lips when I get mad or scared.

~*~I learned them from my mom older brother.

~*~I hate driving in big cities.

~*~I am #7 of 10 kids.

I am the super cute thing next to the boy with his belly poking out

~*~I aspired to be a singer one day until I caught my oldest well-meaning sister snickering at my singing.

~*~ I love, love, love William Joseph. His music makes me want to break out in song as I ballerina around the living room. In my mind I am on a stage somewhere in London with the lights and smoky stuff and all the twirls and bows and tippy toe stuff, but to my poor kids, they see this object that can barely keep its balance as it crashes into the furniture with terrible screeches coming from its mouth. When the music comes on they are truly subject to some inhumane treatment. But as I said, I love the man music. With songs like Piano Fantasy, Kashmir and Within, he truly has my heart.

~*~I helped another sister bring a cat back to life after it got hit by a car. It really was initially dead.

~*~ I am scared to death of riding in anything that moves with any of my brothers.

~*~I believe I have the most embarrassing story in the whole wide world and I will never ever tell another soul about it. Just thinking about it makes me search out my happy place. And stay there for a week.

~*~ I have had fun talking about myself.

~*~I may do it again.

~*~ If you need me, I'll be in my happy place for bit.


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