Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Missionary Plaque

As an LDS mom, I have high hopes that my teenage son will make serving a full-time mission his highest priority.  I know it isn't easy making it through the teenage years and keeping clean and worthy to go on a mission when turning 19.  I am sure for a young man or woman, leaving their families for 2 years and going to a new place to teach the gospel to strangers is somewhat daunting, but also very exciting.  Any missionary you ask will be quick to tell you that these 2 years serving the Lord are the best 2 years of his/her life.  You can learn more about missionaries and what they do here.

From the first time I saw this saying about missionaries, I knew I wanted to do something with it.  I was so excited when I saw an idea where they personalized the saying similar to what I created above.  Being who I am, I wanted to make it myself.

My son is still young, but how neat is it that he can have this plaque to help him keep his sites on "the best 2 years of his life?"

I wanted it to look as close to a missionary tag as possible, but finding the exact font they use on the name tags seemed impossible.  I printed it off as a 5x7 and found just the right size piece of wood that looked just like a plaque.  After painting it black, I mod podged the picture onto the plaque.  My daughter helped me put it together and this is what she gave him for Christmas.  He LOVED it.  He found a spot on his wall right across from his bed to hang it.
Thanks for my readers picking out the typo here.  Maybe it will be worth BIG bucks someday as it will be one of a kind!  ;)

I think this could be fun for any past, present and/or future missionaries.  If you don't want a plaque, I am sure it would look just as nice in a black frame (and much easier).  

As a great big thank you to my followers (and in secret hopes of getting more followers), I am willing to personalize this for you if you follow my facebook fan page and follow my blog.  Just leave me a comment saying you follow my blog and facebook and either leave me the personalized details you want in the comment or email me at bonbon251 (at) gmail (dot) com. can purchase it in vinyl at the link listed above.  Say It On The Wall has generously offered a 30% discount off this vinyl for the next 2 weeks.  Just use the code MISSION30 at the checkout. 

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowmen 2x4

Keeping it simple gives a great tutorial on these super fun snowmen! 

They are made from 2x4s with adult gloves for the hats, a wooden V for the nose and fleece for the scarves.

Such a cute idea.  I am going to say...Why didn't I think of that!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

HOME blocks

I saw some blocks similar to these at my friend's house.  We were going to get together to make some and I missed out :(.  Sooo....I tried them myself and came up with a couple different sets.  

Which one is your favorite?

Here are the specs:
* One of each block cut out of a 2x6: 6 inch, 5-1/2 inch, 5 inch and 4-1/2 inch
* Black paint
*Scrapbook pages and coordinating HOME letters cut out anyway you know how.  I for one am not lucky enough to have a Silhouette (hint, hint Silhouette company) yet, so I did it the old fashion way and cut them out myself.
*Modge podge
*Any embellishments you want to use

For the 2nd set, I used an orange paper for the letters and added a layer over top cut out with vintage sheet music found here...

Cut and sand your blocks.  Paint black.  When dry, you can distress if you want.  Cut out your background paper to fit each block and modge podge this on.  When this is completely dry, add your letters by modge podging them.  When the blocks are dry, add your embellishments.  I used wire, a small star that I used coordinating paper on, a small nobby I found at Roberts (If I did it again, I would go with a bigger nobby), some tulle tied around the block and some other weird card boardy thingys I found at Roberts and painted black.  And if you are completely lost...feel free to ask questions!  :D

If you make these, I would love to hear what you did fun, cause if you are like me, I love to add my own spin to things and end up with something totally different than what I see!  

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